Weedstop Ground Cover (Woven material)


The woven Weedstop material is lightweight and easy to use. Available in HDPP and HDPE depending on customer requirements the material can be supplied in standard rolls of 50m or as needed. HDPP Weedstop is 3.1m wide (standard) and HDPE is 3m wide (standard) however different widths can be arranged. Standard roll size: -3m x 50m (HDPE) -3.1m x 50m (HDPP) -different lengths can be arranged.


Suppress weeds and other unwanted plant growth, while still allowing water to penetrate the weave pattern. DIY around the garden or on the farm. Ideal to use under bark, stone or paving. This material is also very popular for ground cover in Nurseries; and for
Farming in the fields to suppress weeds etc between crops.

Made from HDPE in a tightly woven pattern, this material is strong and creates a good visual block... Read more...

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Caravan Cover

The caravan cover is made to help protect your caravan against sun wind and rain.