Waterproof Transparent shade cloth


Transparent Waterproof shade cloth is made by coating HDPE woven material with a LDPE coating.The material is made to allow maximum sunlight through (approximately 85% transparency).
In most cases this material is stitched (joined) to make large panels to cover greenhouses. One panel will typically cover a full span of a greenhouse.
Standard roll sizes are:
-1.5m x 50m
-2.4m x 30m
-5m x 100m / 5m x 33m
-Alternatively contact us to arrange for customized lengths.


Due to the high strength gained in the weave pattern of the material it is very suited for greenhouses/ hothouses especially in high wind area.
Even where plastic is used for the roves of greenhouse tunnels, this woven transparent material can provide strong sides and ends for greenhouse structures.

Made from HDPE in a tightly woven pattern, this material is strong and creates a good visual block... Read more...

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Caravan Cover

The caravan cover is made to help protect your caravan against sun wind and rain.